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Taiwan / 2009 / Digital Betacam /Colour /88min. /  Lungnan Isak Fangas

誰在那邊唱 海報 



The rock band Totem was formed seven years ago and right before it was to release its second album, lead singer Suming and drummer A-Sheng were determined to leave the group. Band members held a meeting to work out a solution, but they found themselves reminiscing about the time they took part in a music competition in 2003.

It just so happened that Shi-Chuag, who had formed another band Echo G.S. with Suming, came to visit. Shi-Chuag’s appearance reminded A-Sheng of his long standing anger toward Suming. A-Sheng believed that if Suming had concentrated on playing for only Totem, they would have become a really popular band long ago. He felt he did not have to leave Totem to make more money. Other band members agreed with A-Sheng and blamed Suming. From their perspective, Suming was selfish and only cared about realizing his own dreams. Thinking about the past, Totem band members remembered their passion for music when they were younger; however, passion isn’t enough to work out real life problems.

Will Totem stay together? No one knows. 

Director's Statement


Some DV footage in this movie was filmed between 2003 and 2005. It would be much easier to make a “passionate” documentary composed of only interviews with band members and old footage, but I kept asking myself, “Is there an alternative way to make a documentary using strategies other than traditional interviews?” Studying film production in America in recent years, I believe that asking interviewers to act would be better than just having them talk. After producing this film, I was surprised to learn that acting serves as an impetus to help people speak their thoughts. I believe this new methodology makes for an even better documentary. 

Production Team

Distributer  Good Day Films

 Director/Script  Lungnan Isak Fangas

Supervisor  Liao, Chih-chien

Producer  Lungnan Isak Fangas

Cinematographer  Chang, Rong-Ji  Huang, Yun-Zhong

Editor  Lungnan Isak Fangas

Sound Recording  Wen Tzu-chiem

 Sound Mix  Lee  Zi-Ling, Jiang Zhen-Dao(Kiwi Inc.)

 Color Granding  Lin Chia Sheng

Music  TOTEM

Trailer Editor  Huang San Yi


Suming Rupi





Chen, Shi-Chuan

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